BioMind® is an award-winning Artificial Intelligence (AI) company providing machine intelligence solutions to assist in diagnosis. As the world’s first company to obtain both European CE mark and Singapore HSA medical device certifications for Brain Diagnostic Support Solution, we pride ourselves in empowering physicians through deep learning technology.

Our AI application assists physicians in detecting, localizing and diagnosing neurological disorders on medical imaging, covering a wide spectrum of brain diseases such as stroke, brain tumors and vascular conditions on CT and MRI scanning. BioMind® generates detailed diagnosis recommendations for physicians to review within seconds, allowing for more patients to be evaluated at the same time.

BioMind® has been featured in over 120 media globally and has been crowned the Gold winner of Singapore Techblazer Award 2019, top winner of 19th Asia Pacific ICT Alliance Award (ICT & Security), listed as Top 8 innovations in Arab Health 2020 and Top 10 AI Powered Healthcare Companies in APAC by CIO outlook 2019, nominated as semifinalist in EuroMinnies 2020 (“Best New Radiology Software” and “Best New Radiology Vendor”) and winner of COVID-19 detection using AI at World AI Conference (WAIC) 2020


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